Gift Ideas
An ancient proverb says:

"One does not age at the table"

which means

"being in company sitting around a set table is good for your health!"

This is why people frequently use our food products as gifts, because they are considered good food as well as communion and conviviality elements.
We decided to make an appealing package, often made with precious materials, that can be used for special occasions, and that can be kept for a long time.
We have made special pot platters that can later be used as cold meats platters, or even wooden cases embossed with the client's logo. Our Gourmet boxes are also very practical and elegant and can also be personalized.
We propose different kinds of display units in wood or cardboard as well, that can be personalized for any requirement.

Gift Ideas

580ml jars:
Tuscan Artichokes with extra virgin olive oil
Dried Tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil
Bellavista Appetizer with extra virgin olive oil
Mushroom Trio with extra virgin olive oil

Compote platter for cheese

Gift Ideas

Gourmet box

Gift Ideas