Who we are

GIOVAGNINI, your vegetable garden, your hands, your roots.

Attilio Giovagnini (1885-1947) lived on a small parcel of land, where there were many legends and mysteries, that became the smallest independent Republic of the world (www.repubblicadicospaia.it 1441-1826) for over 4 centuries following a topographical error. This is where he planted his vegetable garden and vineyard, producing great vegetables and good wine. The quality of his products and word of mouth led to the creation of a solid business that bloomed in a short time. It was here that he opened his first guesthouse that was located in former barracks used as Customs, of which it still carries the name and where people came to drink his wine and taste his food products.
His son Gualtiero (class 1927), who was outgoing and ready for innovation, later took on the business and increased their market selection by adding several different products, among which the first pickled vegetables. He soon became a precious point of reference for the local population.

Transfer to Dotti Palace

In 1967 Gualtiero decided to change his “stage”, and moved into the neighboring town of Sansepolcro, where Piero della Francesca was born, many international companies are based in this city like BUITONI (Food), INGRAM (Clothing) and ABOCA GRASS (Natural products). Gualtiero then bought an Ancient palace built in the 1500s in the old town, called Palazzo Dotti, where he installed his first production plant in 1969, with the help of his wife Angela, to produce a complete selection of pickled vegetables. This is where the food conservation techniques were studied and then applied to the ancient traditional recipes from Umbria and Tuscany, handed down from previous generations. It has now become the Food and Wine Academy of the Valtiberina.

New headquarters in San Giustino

Gualtiero’s son Giovanni, who grew up among jars and boxes and who was fascinated by this charismatic father with whom he established a profound connection, decided to interrupt his Medical studies to engage with him in the development of this embryonic activity, that received immediate appreciation from the consumers. Giovanni later opened a new center in San Giustino, in 1997, to respond to the growing number of international requests. This new center was more modern and it was possible to install new systems and technologies. It is located in the flourishing Valtiberina valley (name given by the presence of the Tevere river that runs its final course through Rome, and whose source is in the mountains nearby), between Umbria and Tuscany, along an important roadway (E45) and not far from Cospaia, the ancient village in which his grandfather Attilio had launched their business. Soon by participating in the most important International Food Fairs, the company makes known the artisan quality of its products known even beyond national borders and, mainly in the production of Dried Tomatoes, it becomes one of the leading companies in the sector.


Producing High Quality artisanal preserves.

There have been many changes in the Giovagnini snc Company since the 1970s, all linked to the same guiding principle: Producing High Quality artisanal food preserves.
The ancient recipes for the preparation of pickled vegetables were moved from the Craftsman'sShop” to a more modern center, equipped to supply the requests from important clients who expect more and more specialized products.

is your vegetable garden, your hands, and your roots.