HACCP Quality and control

Giovagnini's productive activities are carried out in full compliance with regulations in matters of Hygiene and Health controls according to the Italian legislation that provides for the following regulations REG. (CE) n.852/2004, REG. (CE) n.207/2005 (microbiological criteria applicable to food products).
These regulations specify the different aspects of food safety and the application modes for the HACCP system according to EU regulations. They follow REG.178/2008 since January 2005, with particular attention to art.18: traceability. In order to make this possible, the Giovagnini Company has created an internal laboratory managed by qualified staff, (analyst, chemist) for the application of the Company's quality control manual (SELF-CONTROL MANUAL) written up according to the procedures provided by the STD IFS Food and ISO 22000, to ensure the “Hygienic Quality” of the food product and to dictate the “Verification Modes” concerning the compliance with these regulations.
We also have the support of the distinguished Experimental Station for Food Preserves of Parma, as well as a credited external Microbiological laboratory; frequent audits are also carried out by the local USL and our Major Clients often participate in the health and safety control modes. Our artisanal products are therefore compliant with food safety regulations along the whole production line.