Sauces, Compotes and Pesto

Sauces, Compotes and Pesto

There is a typical plate called “La Tavolozza” that is often found on the menu in restaurants in Tuscany and Umbria. The chef blends some vegetables and serves them in
small terracotta bowls. This is what inspired us to create a line of sauces. Sauces were traditionally prepared with leftovers or scraps, sometimes personalised with special aromas.

Our philosophy is slightly different. We imagined what our consumers would do in their kitchen:
they would choose the best and freshest ingredients, picked at the right time, without any defect, and then blend them together to create a delicious mixture. So this is what we did with our sauces, we took their place in the kitchen and obtained the same result, supported by a technology that would allow a much longer preservation.

We decided to produce a wide selection of spreadable sauces for bruschetta and piadinas, that can also be used with pasta; this is when we also created the Delizie su formaggi, tasty jams and compotes that are great with cheese.

Delights on cheeses

Tasty jams and compotes to combine with cheeses


Pasta with pesto, this is one of the first Italian signature dishes and one of the best summer recipes. Everyone cheers when genuine pesto alla genovese is brought to the table, pesto made with the right ingredients and perfect technique, a true feast for the palate.
After meticulous research, we discovered that pesto was originally based on aggiada (garlic sauce), an ancient sauce made with crushed garlic, vinegar, olive oil and salt. A legend also tells the story of a monk who lived in a monastery dedicated to Saint Basilio in the hills surrounding Prà (Genoa), who collected the aromatic grass that grew on those
hills, called “basilium” in honour of Saint Basilio, and then mixed it with a few other ingredients offered by the people, to obtain the first pesto by crushing them all together. This sauce evolved in time until it became the precious sauce we know today.
Our pesto is prepared following this basic recipe, inspired by the Genoese and supported by the knowledge of our well known Tuscan and Umbrian Chefs. The best ingredients are expertly mixed in our pestos in the most suitable percentage to enhance this cult recipe! In some recipes we enriched the recipe with Truffle, the unquestionable king of our cuisine.
Our red pesto is also highly appreciated as it transforms pasta into an explosion of flavours, with the addition of some excellent extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.




RED PESTO (212ml)